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A site devoted to dogs offers a REVIEW of a natural heartworm treatment alternative removal remedy

Is There Finally an alternative choice in the matter of heartworm treatment ? You bet.  And it’s been right in front of us for years.

Hello fellow dog owners,  Alan here once again and thank you for visiting this site aimed exclusively at nasty arsenic-laden heartworm chemical.  A site dedicated to the ever-so-loved and truly cherished no. 1 household pet; the incredible, one and only……Dog!

If you have found me today, then I regret to think that you have a very special “family member” who may be in trouble with parasite contamination and may be in need of treatment.   That parasite being the heartworm.   True that a high level of dogs have the potential to have other worms in them such as the very common tapeworm, or even the hook, or round worms.  But its the big boy heartworm that gets the real attention of pet owners  – obviously due to the damage it begins to create after 7 months or so from the time it enters our dog.

My No. 1 Mission: to get your dog right, with “healthy” parasite removal – the right way

I won’t focus today on the process of how a heartworm gets in your dog, as you have probably discovered sites “web-wide” that has brought that to you already.   What I do want to focus on is the very harsh typical non-natural heartworm treatment that may be offered to your pet, and a safe alternative to that I got a chance to experience a while back with my dog Howie.  A perfectly pleasing, and refreshing  natural  heartworm remedy to what many consider a “lethal injection” veterinary approach. 

I’m actually quite moved to be able to tell you the story of how my family came to know of  a holistic practitioner that shares a solution to heartworm infection to the world via his website.  That website is www.alternativeheartwormcure.com and the man behind it has earned a spot in my family’s heart.   

Traditional treatment administration to  a dog is the human equivalent of receiving chemo-therapy in many people’s eyes.  The goal of both treatments is the same; to stop something bad from killing one self.   And the effects are similar; body begins to die (essentially anyway) from the initial dose onward.   Brutal.  It’s the chemical.  How can we expect much of a happy ending to our pet’s overall health turnout, whether it pulls out of the treatment or not mind you, when its core flesh is riddled with the remains of such toxic chemicals introduced?  It paints a bleak picture in the long run regardless.   And for the ones on regular monthly medications  without heartworms, it’s just as bad.  Ivermectin (the main ingredient in most prescribed  heartworm monthly meds), is very bad stuff.

My Story and highest of recommendations for heartworm treatment and/or prevention for your companion;

Years ago as a teenager I experienced the loss of a special family dog to heartworms (the treatment itself got him rather than the worms if I recall), and I remember how I felt anger toward my family for letting it happen, etc..   Seems like yesterday although it was over 22 years ago.  I’ve had dogs since but for whatever reason, I have never attached to an animal like I have with Howie.  A 25 lb. Beagle.  Boy do I love this little dude.  Maybe it’s because the way we pet owners age and the maturity it brings with it.  I don’t know.  But this dog is my WORLD.   He makes me love all dogs even more.  Funny.  Until him, I never felt so much joy that a dog is capable of  bringing.

I needed to leave him with a best friend for approx. 4 months as I had traveled across the country, only physically visiting just once during that time.    Well I return back to normal life 5 months later and a bit after that, he shows a few signs of heartworm.   I’m guessing he is infected now for what.. 6 to 7 months or so.  My friend allowed him to get infected and now we are both faced with heartworm treatment decisions/needs.

First step, get tested at Vet.  Second step, go beat up friend.   No really.. “how did this happen” I asked.  The answer is clear.. They didn’t give him his meds!   The original fear that I felt at that moment is something I still recall all too well to this very day.   He was at stage 2 of 4 stages of infection.  There was no way I wanted to pursue that dreaded treatment for Howie.  No way.  Its just too much poison.  On top of the monthly meds that already has real bad long term effects.

Turns out my parents recalled a friend a year or so prior that had their dog’s worms removed successfully through their acquaintance.   A holistic specialist that soon after creates a website to help others.  They find out the site address, I begin a recommended natural remedy and also regular prevention that Jeff shares in his information, and within no time Howie is perfect!!  Unreal.   Two years running now…with never a med since! He recovered inside of 10 weeks.  There are certain people found every so often in a crowd that shines above the rest.  This man is one of them as far as I am concerned.   The reality is that monthly meds and/or heartworm treatment is NOT NECESSARY !  Do it naturally.   Please take the next step as soon as possible if you feel compelled as I did to learn the best of treatment alternatives.  I believe with all my heart it will save your little one’s life! Click here to visit this site.

Also, if you feel the need to gain a really good reason to go and hug your dog, visit  http://www.alovinggoodbye.comIf you don’t have a smile and a tear in your eye simultaneously while visiting this site, I’d be surprised.     Once again, there are special people out there amongst the crowd…

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